EXO ‘Oven Radio’ Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (END)

OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) : EXO(엑소)_episode1. Miracles in December(12월의 기적)  

[ENG/CHN/JPN SUB] OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) : EXO(엑소)_episode2. Christmas Day(크리스마스 데이)

[ENG/CHN/JPN SUB]OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) : EXO(엑소)_episode3. The Star(더 스타)

[ENG/CHN/JPN SUB] OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) : EXO(엑소)_episode4. My Turn To Cry(마이 턴 투 크라이)

[ENG/CHN/JPN SUB] OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) : EXO(엑소)_episode5. The First Snow(첫 눈) (END)

Credit : LOEN MUSIC Official Channel (by LOEN Enter.)

By : My Fantasy Word 


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